• 2016-03-24




    It’s time for a ThrowbackThursday! Last November, during our island hopping in the Andaman Sea, we went all the way down to the southernmost island in Thailand, Koh Lipe. It’s definitely a chill one, no hustle and bustle – as we like it. The place is a pure treasure which has the ability to induce those ‘this-is-so-beautiful’ moments. And this applies right up to every end of the island. The view from our resort was a dazzling visual treat, that got even better once in the water. The colour blast extended to the water too. In some parts it was a turquoise, in others a vibrant green or a milky mint colour – but always incredibly clear.
    Everything was so photogenic, a tropical paradise calling card. With our Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ always with us, we clicked and snapped non-stop. It’s things like this that Samsung is exceptionally good at. Thanks to is professional shooting options, editing features, and shooting modes like Panorama and Selective Focus, it is the perfect travel companion to turn memorable moments into crisp and clear pictures. Snapping selfies, having a swim, and chilling on the sand with a good book is the sort of holiday we can always deal with quite happily. Oh, if only we were out there again right now!






    Pictures by STARECASERS | In collaboration with Samsung


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