• 2015-09-29





    As most denim aficionados, a good pair of jeans is something we can always count on. Finding the perfect pair is often somewhat daunting, especially with all those online stores’ size charts. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to something good and go for tailor-made jeans. You wanna make sure your favorite pair is in good hands though, don’t you?! Well, the young Swiss start-up Selfnation is a great man’s destination for perfect fitting jeans.
    All you gotta do is choose your style online, fill in your body measurements, and your brand new jeans will be at your doorstep in a couple of weeks. How easy is that? We tested it out and went for a classic fit and a perfect alternative to blue and black, with these grey slim jeans – custom tailored to our body. Not bad at all.

    In collaboration with Selfnation


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