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    12-14 August, 2015

    One of our favourite things about living in Germany is being able to change environments in the blink of an eye. So from time-to-time, when exotic vacations aren’t really an option, we like to plan a nice little getaway. Last week it was time for Hamburg, a postcard-perfect town that makes you feel welcome – for a weekend or a lifetime. The 25hours Hotel HafenCity was our choice to drop anchor. With a cup of steaming coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at sunset, we settled right away in our cosy cabin and started shooting it all.


    Located in the heart of the new emerging city district Hafencity, right next to the harbor, the 25hours Hotel is a place like no other. Every time we stepped into the lobby, we found ourselves gasping at the nautical details and design elements of the space. There is a load of industrial charm, from the concrete walls to the maritime details, to the rough wooden desks, to the alluring wallpaper in the rooms – we just loved it all.
    Our cabin was also on-point, bright, cosy and well-designed with great panoramic views of the harbor. If we could model our dream apartment off one of the hotel’s rooms, we definitely would! Oh, and there’s also a vinyl room and a rooftop sauna for your lazy days. Need we say more?

    Photos: STARECASERS | In collaboration with 25hourshotels


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