• 2014-06-06



    Happy Friday everyone! We are so happy today! We had so many sunny days lately, and this weekend looks like it’s gonna be a even greater time to explore the city round about and enjoy more incredible views. And not to forget, the Carnival of Cultures is kicking off today. We can’t wait to have a blast. In the meantime, here’s another spring look with a sporty touch.
    Hoodie: Galeries Lafayette
    Tee: Vintage
    Shorts: H&M
    Socks: Nike
    Shoes: Adidas SLVR


    5 responses to “SUN IN THE CITY”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Gret outfit and great location! Where is this?

    2. Love it!
      Love how the outfit and the location matches, Love how Simple and Minimal yet super stylish you are

    3. Anonymous says:

      really cool ensemble. where is the hoodie from? galeries Lafayette gives me no lead..

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