• 2014-05-05



    It feels so good to be back in my hometown. April has been an intense month and I’m happy to be slowing my life down a little bit. I was so ready to get back to my pre-Berlin routine of meeting my friends in Milan and Bergamo and watching mom making lasagne for lunch. I somehow find it therapeutic. Now, as I sit at my Mac to share this look shot days ago, I’m savouring every single moment, and so should you. Make this your best week ever!
    Shirt: Blood Brother
    Shorts: Topman
    Shoes: Dr.Martens
    Backpack: ASOS
    Watch: Poseidon


    7 responses to “THIS MOMENT”

    1. The shirt is pretty cool, love the neck!!

      Its totally true! Enjoy the present is great!!

    2. great look! I love how you make it so high-fashion with only your expression-less face!

    3. Sven says:

      I really love the Shirt! Need it!!

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