• 2014-04-29



    Packing! Why does everybody make such a deal of it? I am a wonderful packer and can pack in 10 seconds flat. I think there’s nothing more exciting than getting ready for a trip, even if it’s just a week in your hometown. Today I am actually off to Italy and yet I am still writing this post because, guys, I will never let you down. Anytime I travel, the right suitcase is a must. Luckily, a few weeks ago we received two beautiful suitcases from the Italian leather goods label FPM, which is now collaborating with incredible designers to create bags and travel accessories.
    The case I got is the Globe Spinner by Jean-Marie Massaudi, which is lightweight and comes in neutral colors, from white to red-clay to my very own black one. It’s definitely a must for fashion and travel devotees like us, who like to keep it simple and classy! Btw, my next stop after Italy will be Amsterdam, so I’m up for some recommendations if you guys have some to make. Good week everyone!


    3 responses to “PACKING WITH FPM”

    1. Yufon Yan says:

      game boy!!carinooooo

    2. I’m in love with your photos! They are always so perfect!

    3. Anonymous says:

      Did you edit the photos?

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