• 2014-02-12



    One of the best things about being a student is that you’ve got plenty of time to travel around and see what a beautiful world we live in. Everyone has some kind of place that makes them feel transported straight to paradise; mine happened to be a small island in Thailand, called Koh Ngai. Hoping to offer you a little escape from the bustle of the city and the busy routines, here are some pictures of me in that amazing place, wearing my favorite summer look.
    Tee: Vintage
    Shorts: Lacoste
    Shoes: Aldo
    Cap: Weekday


    5 responses to “PARADISE”

    1. Lukas says:

      Where can I get a tee similar?? Its amazin!

    2. Martin says:

      I loove it ! I miss Thailand and places like Rio so so much and cant wait till Im on Bali in May 🙂

    3. Really nice t-shirt and lovely pictures !

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