• 2013-12-17



    “Shoot Me Down” by Elliphant is on high rotation on my iPod at this exact moment and I can’t stop singing it. I’m one of those people who easily get a song stuck in the head for months, and no matter what I try and do, I can never get rid of it. The problem with me is that I sing out pretty loud and in all honestly, I suck at singing – there’s definitely no hope. So, now that you all know that, you can play my latest obsession on Youtube, and check out this look while singing along to this great song with me.
    Sweatshirt: Weekday
    Shorts: Weekday
    Beanie: H&M
    Shoes: New Balance


    4 responses to “OBSESSIONS”

    1. Julian says:

      Great Sweater, got the same too.
      Love that ur wearing tights under shorts,
      most of the guys do not have the balls to wear it on street, but it looks so fucking good.


    2. Love the total look !

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