• 2013-12-06



    I’ve been back at home more than a week, but I still cannot dismiss the memories of the beautiful holiday that I’ve just returned from. I opened my curtains this morning, and while looking out at the first snow of the year, the nostalgia kicked me; so I pulled out my memory card to look through my pictures and made a selection of my favorite shots taken in the middle of the desert of Gran Canaria. Hoping to find a release from my holiday nostalgia, here above are some pictures for you and me to enjoy.
    Tee: Banana Republic
    Trousers: F.R.A.V
    Sandals: Vagabond
    Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


    3 responses to “GRAN CANARIA”

    1. Chris Surya says:

      Such a great location for this outfit post. I lived few meters from the Beach in Bali, but this sand dunes are the bom.

      Love it dudes


    2. Geezin' says:

      You should grow a beard 🙂

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