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    This week I’ve had the incredible opportunity to fly to Turkey and spend three days in Istanbul, together with the Stylebook Blogstars & Boomads team. Besides attending business related events like the Bumerang Award, I had the chance to sample all that this wonderful city has to offer, from its culture to its history and people. Istanbul is such an amazingly diverse metropolis, it just has it all. I’ve probably had the time of my life there, and this is why I need to blog about all my whereabouts, so I have a little piece of memory in here. My time there was too short to experience something outside the usual top tourist stops, therefore, as most travelers do, I only sticked to the main sights.
    Part of the excitement of travel is to experience new things on your own, so together with blogger Julia Haghjoo from N93, I explored the city’s most renown neighborhoods and markets, and was introduced to a lot of wonderful culture and food. Snapping photos non-stop, I have probably missed something important or incredibly famous, but there were just so many places to visit that we would have ended up too busy trying to fit everything in. Here below are some of the highlights of my discovery day, starting form the Galata Bridge looking towards the old city.

    One of the things that has always fascinated me about Istanbul is its history. No trip to this city would be complete without seeing the city’s historical part with the Galata Tower, the Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia. The structures are so breathtaking, and make me think even more that Berlin architecture is nothing compare to this!
    Wandering the streets of Istanbul without any definite destination is probably the best way to explore the city and dive into its rich past with its eye-catching architecture, while waves of colors, spices and smells are engaging your mind. The city is incredibly beautiful and the people are just about the friendliest ones around.

    Walking through the city it’s like weaving your way through a labyrinth where each corner has similar looking shops. If you are ready to be over stimulated, the Grand Bazaar is just the right place to visit. The vibrancy of the place, its energetic crowd, colorful lights and turkish delights can be a surprisingly very fun experience that you don’t wanna miss.
    I could go on and on about why I love Istanbul, but you should really see this incredible city yourself. Memories are priceless and this destination should be on your bucket-list-trip-list! Stay tuned for another post about my stay in Istanbul, coming up in the next days!

    Photos by STARECASERS and Julia Haghjoo


    3 responses to “DISCOVERING ISTANBUL”

    1. amazing place! I would love to visit Instabul soon! great pics too!

    2. Julia H. says:

      I like your post! It was so much fun with you in Istanbul. Really enjoyed the time with you & the others! 🙂 xx

    3. Ali Vision says:

      Awesome pictures! Istanbul is also my city of heart, since I had the pleasure to stay there for 6 month! BUT it’s not Turkeys capital! Ankara is! 🙂

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