• 2013-10-02



    I always look at the start of every new month as a new beginning. October has arrived and this will be  the month for many changes for me, with lots of challenges already started or getting ready to start.  It’s time for me to reflect on what’s coming next and deal with the conclusions I’ve come about my own life. But before sharing all of that with you guys, I wanna leave you with some pictures from my yesterday’s walk around Museuminseln – the perfect place to get free of worries and disconnect from the world. I hope you enjoy them, and that this new month will be an exciting time for you too.
    Jacket: Vintage
    Tee: Illustrated People
    Jeans: Cheap Monday jeans
    Shoes: Converse shoes


    9 responses to “DOWN ON LIFE”

    1. Daphne says:

      Love the fit of these jeans, they are definetly perfect on you!

    2. Max Westin says:

      Leather jacket is awesome!

    3. Anonymous says:


    4. Anonymous says:

      Devid, i Cheap Monday sono “vintage” o li hai presi recentemente?

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