• 2013-06-18



    There has been so much going on on the last days I need some time to assimilate it all.
     So, today is just me, on a tuesday morning walking around Regierungsviertel to
     free my mind before starting a new day. As exciting as that, happy week everyone! 

    Thibaud: F.r.a.v. shirt, Zara chinos, Vagabond sandals, vintage hat


    4 responses to “WHITE NOISE”

    1. Max says:

      Sandals are awesome (and you do look great in hat)!

    2. Jacques says:

      Je vois que tu n’as pas oublié les chaussettes 😉

    3. guz says:

      love the hat! 🙂

    4. Maikel says:

      amazing look, I love it!

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