• 2013-05-20



    For the second post about my journey in Botswana I’ve made a small selection of my favourite animals’ pictures, and uploaded a video which captures the highlights of this incredible trip. I have to admit that I didn’t expect to be so amazed, but seeing all those beauties in their natural setting left me breathless!
    I think my absolute favourite animal was the giraffe, they are just so elegant and funny at the same time. I love them. Hope you enjoy the post as much as I do.  P.S: If you want to see the video in HD you’ll have to click on the HD button which will then redirect you to the Vimeo website.


    6 responses to “SAFARI BOTSWANA : THE VIDEO”

    1. Daan Couzijn says:

      This is amazing. Inspiring.

    2. Anonymous says:


    3. Nice video!

      I want to do this travel…

      Nacho Aznar

    4. Frank says:

      now you understand why i love giraffes so much 🙂

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