• 2012-12-24



    December has been a really exciting month. A very good time with friends, many projects going on, 
    a stimulating internship, and lots of love. We are now both celebrating with our families, Thibaud in 
    France and Devid in Berlin. Wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a special time with your loved ones.

    Devid: Weekday cardigan, Taxonomy sweatshirt, faux leather trousers, Dr.Martens boots, Topman hat // Thibaud: vintage bomber, H&M hoodie, River Island sweatshirt, Cheap Monday jeans, Dr. Martens, NewEra cap


    4 responses to “TAKE CARE”

    1. Steven Brown says:

      I am loving the new layout and visuals guys. You’ve improved for the better. And your styles are amazing.

    2. Max Westin says:

      Amazing looks, I’d die for that printed bomber!

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