• 2012-08-31



    Black and leather is always a perfect combination and it’s just so fun to see how people look at us
    as if we were members of a weird gothic subculture. Oh yes, we will definitely start to dress only black
    again! Btw, summer seems to be already over this year, but it isn’t for us! Our holidays have just started:
    Devid is in Italy and will soon be in Spain for a week while Thibaud is in the fresh Berlin planning his
    next vacation to somewhere exotic. Hopefully the sun will be back soon, and we can all get a last tan.
    Now let’s enjoy the upcoming weekend before the cold september arrives!

    Thibaud: basic t-shirt, vintage leather waistcoat, H&M shorts, Reebok shoes // Devid: basic t-shirt, Cheap Monday trousers, Dr. Martens boots, leather cap.


    3 responses to “HAND ME MY LEATHER”

    1. Nacho Uve says:

      GREAT look!!!
      These Very handsome!! 😉


    2. Low Couture says:

      you guys have me wanting to wear only black leather. love the blog

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