• 2012-06-22



    After booking our next holiday to France, we chilled at our favourite café and 
    planned our weekend.And yes, today the mood was “white”. Bonne soirée à tous! 

    Devid: H&M t-shirt, vintage shorts, Aldo shoes, silver necklace // Thibaud: vintage tank top, H&M shorts, Weekday fanny pack, Dr.Martens boots, silver necklace


    2 responses to “WHITE RIOT”

    1. love this couple so much ! (and of cause the outfits)
      by the way, does anyone know the way to find the white aldo shoes above ?
      I love it soooooo much :((

      • STARECASERS says:

        Hello there! Thank you so much for your kind words!
        I bought the white Aldo shoes over 3 years ago.. I guess they are not available anymore online 🙁

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