• 2011-12-27



    In 4 days 2011 will be over. This picture sums up the best moments we’ve had. 
    But now: new year, new us. Every year, we think that as soon as january arrives 
    we can change ourselves; and at the end, it has never worked. But once again,
    we’ll try, this time without special resolutions, but simple goals. Make a list wasn’t
     that easy! Here there are our 20 New Year’s Resolution (in no specific order).
    Be more positive
    Keep things simple
    Learn Spanish
    Find an internship
    Discover more Berlin
    Eat less pizza
    Assume the best of people
    Improve our cultural knowledge
    Spend less money
    Find a new haircut
    Attend university regularly
    Go more often to the gym
    Travel more
    Enjoy more little things
    Be more open to new people
    Smoke less
    Reduce time on Facebook
    Make videos of our lives
    Not care to be judged
    Keep on believing in love

    What about yours?!


    2 responses to “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS”

    1. cute selection!!! 🙂 happy holidays!

    2. Jack XXX says:

      aww.. great blog boys


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