• 2011-06-17



    Another week is over and today after university
    and a badminton match at the park we will turn
    new romantic and glamrock for the Blitz party.
    Make up and outfits are ready, and our friends will
    be there too, to dance on the best ’80s tracks with us.


    3 responses to “TGIF”

    1. Armand says:

      ragazzi giuro, non so che post commentare e allora scelgo l’ultimo! non potevate fare lavoro migliore! davvero bel blog, penso che andrei in crisi se non postaste ogni giorno ahah ( :

    2. thesselle says:

      beh, fighi siete fighi.
      I pantaloni di David da dove vengono?

    3. Starecasers says:

      Presi in un second-hand shop qui a Berlino 😉

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